Tamera Bedford (泰梅兰) is a Hong Kong mixed media artist who is noted for her extraordinary dedication both to her artistic practice and to the nature of her diverse subject matter. Her work turns to visual representation to capture her deep respect for environmental phenomena, and beyond, to biological life and mental flows of the human brain. Her effect is at once to telescope to the micro-elements of these exquisite realms, networks and systems as it is to pull our perspective back to appreciate their superstructures built of exquisite flows, lines and patterns. Remarkably self-trained, Bedford mixes brilliant palettes of color that mimic the range of combinations and hues she has witnessed in the natural world as well as simulate mind maps of our cognitive experience. Her intense visuality takes us off the streets of our mundane urban lives to transport us to the limits of the earth’s exterior, beyond to planetary marvels, and, in similarly resonating beauty, deep into the interior worlds of organic and cerebral life.